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Getting Started

Learn what middlespot desktops can do for you and your productivity.

10 articles

Tips and Tricks

Shortcuts and ideas to get the most from your desktop.

4 articles

Making A Desktop

The types of desktop you can make and where to find them.

4 articles

Adding To Desktops

Adding files, links, images, videos, plugins and more to your desktop.

8 articles

Editing Desktops

Managing, organizing, updating and deleting content on your desktop.

5 articles

Customizing Desktops

changing the name, background and privacy settings of your desktop.

1 article

Navigating Desktops

How to use touch, mouse, keyboard, and screen buttons to zoom and pan your desktop.

3 articles

Desktop Notebook

Keeping notes and to do lists on your desktop.

3 articles

Existing Desktops

how to access your existing desktops on different devices.

1 article

Sharing Desktops

Letting other people see and interact with your desktop.

3 articles

Followers and Contributors

Inviting your team or peers to work with you on your desktop.

4 articles

Google Drive Integration

How to get the most from the integration between google drive and middlespot desktops

4 articles

Chrome Extension

Adding the extension to your chrome browser.

1 article

Your Account

How to manage your account on middlespot.

4 articles

Account Plans

Free and Paid Plans and what you get.

1 article