Starting A Blank Desktop

One of the easiest ways to start with middlespot is to make a blank desktop.  You'll have a blank canvas to add and curate any digital resources.

Tap the  in the control panel on the left to make your desktop.

This will open the NEW DESKTOP menu.  

Tap the BLANK button.

You will now enter in a name, a custom link, and a privacy setting for your desktop.

Name Your Desktop. This is what you are calling your desktop. It appears in your list of desktops you own and what others, if you share your desktop, will know it by. The title isn't unique so you can have multiple desktops with the same name.

Link. This is a unique web address to your desktop. It is permanent and belongs only to your specific desktop.

Privacy. You have the option of setting your desktop with three privacy levels.

  • Private - only you and those you invite can view this desktop. Others who try and open this desktop will not be able to see the contents. If you have invited the user, they can follow your desktop but you still need to authenticate them to make them a contributor.
  • Password - this is a public desktop but will require a follower to enter a password you set to view the contents.
  • Public - anyone can view and follow this desktop if they have the URL. They can't contribute unless you authenticate the follower as a contributor.

Tap START DESKTOP to make this desktop.

Middlespot will now reload with your new, empty desktop in your browser. Your desktop will be open in the EDIT mode, with the ADD tools displayed on the left side of your desktop.

Your desktop is ready for you to start adding and arranging your important resources.

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