Starting A Guided Desktop

A Guided desktop helps you start a new desktop with recommended content that other users have also found useful. It's a way to help you kickstart your new desktop.

Tap the  in the control panel on the left to make your desktop.

This will open the NEW DESKTOP menu.

Tap the GUIDE ME button to start your desktop. We'll start the process to help you populate your desktop with relevant content.

Complete the name, custom URL, and privacy setting of your desktop and then click START DESKTOP.

Your first suggested content is social media accounts to monitor.

Add a facebook and/or twitter account you want to follow. Type in their page name or handle and tap the pink + button to add it. 

You can add multiple accounts to monitor. Keep tapping the pink + button as you add additional accounts.

Once you've added the accounts you want to follow, tap the next button. If you don't want to add any social media accounts, just tap skip.

Choose some website links.

enter in your URL for your link and tap the pink + button. You can add multiple links that you often refer to throughout your work week.

Once you've added all the links you'd like, tap NEXT. If you don't have any links you'd like to add, tap Skip This Step.

Choose some files to add to your desktop.

Drag and drop the files (images, photos, videos, sound files, docs, spreadsheets, presentations, pdfs, and more) into the upload form. You can upload up to 10 files at a time (although your desktop can hold hundreds of files at the same time).

Once your files are uploaded, you can click NEXT and complete your desktop.

Desktop Complete

Your desktop will open in EDIT mode and display all your added content. You can drag, drop, and organize your content to fit your approach to work.

Exit the edit mode to start using your desktop or add more content from the edit tools along the left.

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