What Is Middlespot

Middlespot is a giant, visual desktop that keeps thumbnails (and working plugins) on a 40,000 by 40,000 pixel webpage. Since most content will only be a couple hundred pixels in size, it means you can put a lot of stuff on your desktop.  

Middlespot works very similar to an online map. You can pan left and right, up and down. You can also zoom in or out to get a view of your resources from way out or close up.  

You can add lots of different file formats to your desktops. Each one is represented as a visual thumbnail.  Plugins or widgets are actual working code from a webservice which allows you to interact with that service right from your desktop.

Middlespot is integrated with Google Drive. It's why we call it desktops for google drive. All your original files are stored in your google drive folder and can be accessed right from there.  

Middlespot desktops can be private and used only by you or public and shared with the world.

Middlespot allows for different levels of team work.  You can have others follow your desktop and receive updates when you change content. Followers can be turned into contributors, allowing others to add, modify, arrange and delete content from your desktop. As the desktop owner, you have total control over what others can do.

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