Your desktop notebook let's you take notes. These notes are connected to this desktop and are available when you are viewing the current desktop. 

  • You can add, edit, order, and delete each note entry. 
  • You can add as many notes as you want in your desktop notebook.

To add a note, tap in the new note field at the top of the notebook.

Type in your note, then tap the + button to the right.

The note will appear at the top of the notes list. 

You can then tap on the drag icon to move your note within the list of notes you have.  

Tap the pencil to the right of a note to start editing the content of the note. You can edit the note in its actual location in your notepad.

Tap the trash can to the right of a note to remove the note from your notepad.  Deleted notes are permanently removed.

tap the sync button to sync your notes with your google tasks list.

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