To Dos

In the notebook is a section for creating To Do lists. These are prioritized lists of to dos you want to accomplish. They are connected to your current desktop.

To access your to dos, tap the tab at the top of your notebook labelled To Do. 

You can add, edit, arrange, set the priority, and delete your To Dos. You can have an unlimited number of To Dos in your notebook.

To add a To Do, type your to do into the add field and tap the + button. You can also select a color indicator to set a priority level for your to do.

The to do will appear at the top of your to do list. You can drag to arrange where you want your to do to appear on your list.

Tapping the pencil will let you edit the contents of your to do item.

Tapping the delete button will remove your to do item from your to do list. Deleting is permanent.

You can sync your to do list with your Google Tasks.

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