What Is The Desktop Notebook

Every desktop has a notebook. We built this feature because we find that on our own desks, no matter how many electronic devices we have, we always have a pen and paper to take notes and make to do lists.  So we recreated this function on a middlespot desktop.

In the bottom right corner of every desktop is a notebook button. Tapping this will open up the notebook.

Your notebook can capture notes and to do lists in two different tabs.  You can add, edit, arrange, and delete the entries in your desktop. To dos can also be prioritized by a color indicator.

The number of To Dos you have is indicated on a badge that appears over top of your notebook badge as a notification.

The notebook is visible to anyone who has access to your desktop.

Only contributors can add, edit, arrange, and delete your notebook content.  Followers can only view the content.

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