Edit Mode

Edit Mode allows you to add and manage the content on your desktop.

You enter Edit Mode by tapping the pink pencil button in the control panel on the left of your desktop. This will open the add tools and allow you to edit existing content on your desktop. In edit mode, you can rearrange,cluster, group, and resize each individual item on your desktop.  

You can add all sorts of content to your desktop. This includes:

files, links, images, videos, plugins, widgets, text, docs, presentations, spreadsheets, stickers, and bookmarks.

All of this content is represented by a thumbnail on your desktop to give you the most visual indication of what the item is.

Links, stickers, bookmarks and plugins are saved on middlespot. Files, documents, images, videos, presentations, and spreadsheets are saved on your google drive for added security and are not saved to your middlespot account. 

You can add any of this content to your desktop in one of four ways:

  1. Enter edit mode on your desktop to reveal all the add buttons in your control panel.
  2. Drag and drop files onto your desktop in view mode (this will automatically start uploading up to 10 files and switch you into edit mode).
  3. Sync content from your google drive folder (the folder associated with your desktop) into your middlespot desktop (deleted content in your google drive folder will also be removed).
  4. Add links to your desktop by using the middlespot extension for chrome. This allows you to add any link you have open in a tab into your desktop of choice.

The edit mode for any desktop is accessed by tapping on the pencil in the control panel. This will reveal all of the tools to add content to your desktop.

Adding content will always create a thumbnail image of your content. Content is placed in the center of your desktop and can be dragged to a new location to better position it related to all the other content on your desktop.

Tapping on any of the add buttons will open the menu for that specific add tool.

tap any of the add buttons to add new content.

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