Adding Links

You can add links to webpages to your desktop in one of two ways.  

  • Add the link from the pages URL in the add link button.
  • Add the link from the middlespot extension for chrome.

Add Link Button

In your desktop, tap the pink pencil buttton in the control panel to enter Edit Mode.

Next, tap the add link button that appears in the control panel.

This will reveal the add link menu.  

Enter in the URL of your desired weblink. You can paste in a link you have copied from another tab or type in the webpage address directly. URLs can be http or https or just the domain name (for example,


Your link will appear as a thumbnail of the page. 

You can drag it to place it in another location on your desktop. 

You can drag the bottom right corner to resize the thumbnail of the link.

From the Chrome Extension

To add a link from another tab using the extension, simply open that tab, and tap the  middlespot extension button.

Then, tap the pink + button that appears beside the desktop you want to add the link onto.

Middlespot will open that desktop in a new tab and place the link thumbnail in the middle of that desktop (It may take a few seconds for the thumbnail to be generated). 

You can move and resize the thumbnail to where it makes most sense for you.

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