Quick Access To Desktops

There are a few tricks to making desktops quicker to access. Here are two ways I get quick access to the couple of desktops I use multiple times throughout the day.

Add desktop to your browser toolbar

In chrome, I add two of my most used desktops to my bookmark toolbar just below the browser address bar.  In this example, you can see my daily and coding resources desktops are always a tap away.

To add your desktop to the bookmark toolbar, grab the secure link beside the URL and drag it to the toolbar. It will add it as the middlespot icon and the title of your desktop. That way you can quickly access your desktop in a new tab at anytime.

I usually leave the tab open all day and refer back to it when I need access to one of my resources.

Add the middlespot extension to your chrome browser

You can install the middlespot extension into your chrome browser to have quick access to your desktops.  After installing the extension, tap the middlespot icon to the right of your browser url address bar.

This will open the extension revealing a list of desktops that you own and the ones you follow and contribute to. Tap the open arrow to open the desktop in your tab.  

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