Adding Files

There are three ways to add files to your desktop. Any file you can add to Google Drive can be added to your desktop. It is represented by a thumbnail of the files first page.

  • Drag and drop up to 10 files at once onto your desktop in view or edit mode.
  • Upload files from the add files button in edit mode.
  • Add files to your Google Drive folder and sync your desktop.

Each of these methods will add a thumbnail of the file to your desktop that you can resize and position how you like.

Drag and drop

Open the desktop you'd like to add your files onto.

Open the folder on your computer or cloud drive and select the files.

Drag them onto the desktop (in view or edit mode).

The files will automatically upload to the middle of your desktop.

Arrange and resize the images how you want.

Upload from File Button

Open the desktop you'd like to add files to.

Tap the pink pencil icon to access Edit Mode.

Tap the File Upload button in the Control Panel Edit tools.

In the File Upload menu, select the images you'd like to add to your desktop (up to 10 simultaneous uploads).


Your images will be uploaded and placed on your desktop.

Sync from Google Drive

Drop your files in your desktop folder on google drive.

Go to your desktop and select the SYNC button.

Authorize the sync function and tap START SYNC.

Your files will appear on your desktop and can be moved anywhere you want.

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