Adding Plugins and Widgets

Realtime information can be very useful on your desktop. To facilitate this, we've made it possible to add embed code from other web services right into your desktop. These self contained items can deliver content in real time from your favorite services. Some examples of plugins and widgets include:

  • Social media feeds
  • embed and iframe code
  • calculators
  • weather widgets
  • notes and to do tools
  • videos and audio feeds
  • notification widgets
  • research and content widgets

Each of these widgets can be used in your desktop without launching a new tab.

To add a Plugin, tap the Plugin Add button in the Edit toolbar.

This will open the plugin menu, and reveal a list of pre-made plugins and the option to create your own plugin using embed code from your favorite web service.

Select the plugin you'd like to add and configure it to meet your needs.

Tap the SAVE button.

The plugin will appear on your desktop and can be positioned where you want it. 

In view mode, you can interact with the plugin right from your desktop.

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