Adding Bookmarks

You can import your chrome browser bookmarks to your desktop. They are rendered as screenshots of the web page of the link and added in a grid layout to your desktop. You can move and arrange them how you like.

Important - you must install the middlespot extension for chrome to import your bookmarks.

Enter edit mode and tap the Import Bookmarks button.

All of your bookmarks will be displayed in a scrollable list. You can select specific bookmarks or choose to select all bookmarks to import.

After selecting the bookmarks you want, tap SAVE.

Your bookmarks will be added to your desktop with screenshots of the links. Tapping on the screenshot will open the link in a new tab in your browser.

If some links are behind a firewall (in corporate intranets, etc), you will get a broken image for the screenshot. We're working on a solution for this. However, for now, you can use the title tool for the element to give it a more descriptive title to display the result.

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