Resizing and Rotating Content

Every content item on your desktop is stored in a container.  This container can be resized and rotated. The content is responsive to the size of the container and will scale to fill the container.  

To resize a content item, you need to enter Edit Mode in your desktop. Tap the pink pencil to enter Edit Mode.

Tap the content item you want to resize. This will reveal the item toolbar on the right and reveal a resize button in the bottom right corner of your item. Drag the bottom right corner to size your content item. Then position the item on your desktop.

When resizing, you can lock the resize ratio using the ratio lock in the item toolbar.This will allow you to keep the same width/height ratio or unlock the item and freeform resize to any width or height (this will distort the content most likely).

Resizing documents, spreadsheets, and files can be very useful for reading the contents of the first page of your file.  I find this really useful for project lists and meeting agendas, so I don't have to open the file to view the contents.

To rotate a content item, tap the item and select the rotate icon in the top right corner of the item container.  Rotate and then release the item. It will auto save the new position.

Rotating can be useful for stickers and clustering.

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