Logging In / Signing Up

Middlespot uses Google Single Sign On for all user accounts. You must use a google account to use middlespot. We've chosen to use Google accounts for single sign on instead of creating our own username and password system for the following benefits:

We never see your password. Google takes care of authenticating who you are and tells us to let you in or not. You'll never have to worry about someone hacking middlespot and getting access to your email and password because it's never stored on our servers. We can't even access your desktops.

Its fast, convenient, and you won't have to remember your password for yet another web service. You are also pre-approved to integrate many of the google services into your desktop that make your life simpler.

By signing up with your Google account, all your files are stored on your secure Google Drive. This means you own and control your content. None of your documents and files ever sit on middlespot servers.

All middlespot desktops are displayed as folders in your GDrive. Whenever you add a file to a middlespot folder in your GDrive, it automatically appears on your desktop with a tap of the sync button.

If you don't want to use your existing google account to create your middlespot account, you can always  create another new google account.  Google accounts are free and provide up to 15GB of free drive storage for your desktops.

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