Moving and Arranging Content

Since middlespot is designed around a cartesian plane (a map), you can place and organize your content items in 3 dimensions: vertically, horizontally, and stacked.  This gives you the freedom to group, cluster, and position items in a way that makes sense to you. For us, you know best how things relate to each other and allowing you to arrange your content in the most efficient way is all about working the way you think.

To arrange your content items, enter Edit Mode.

Tap on any item, then click - hold - and drag to move the item to where you want it.

You can turn on or off the snap-to grid (blue button in the navigation toolbar). This will help you align how content is arranged by snapping your content's left top corner into the blue square overlaid on the desktop. This is the default setting. You can turn off the snap-to grid and place content items anywhere you want.

Rinse and repeat until your content is organized how you work.

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