Desktop Control Panel

All desktops are managed from the control panel on the left hand side of the interface. The available buttons will depend on if you are signed in, or if you are the owner, contributor, or follower of this particular desktop.

Your Account - This allows you to log in or log out of your middlespot account, and manage your account settings.

Your Desktops - you will see all of the desktops you have made, plus the desktops you are a contributor to, and desktops you follow.

Desktop Control Panel - These are the tools related to the currently open desktop in your browser.

Help and Updates - this is where you can find help, learn more about middlespot, and get information about our latest updates.

Not Your Desktop

If you are viewing a desktop that is not your own, you will see the following desktop control panel.

You can tap the large pink heart button to start following this desktop. It will be added to the Your Desktops menu in your account. You will need to be logged in to follow a desktop.  

You can also view who else follows this desktop, who is the owner, and who are the contributors to the content found on this desktop. 

You can share this desktop from the share button.

Your Desktop (or one you contribute to)

If you are the owner or the contributor of the currently open desktop, your control bar will look like this:

You can edit this desktop by tapping the pink pencil button and entering Edit Mode.

Settings - You can change the name of your desktop, add a description, set the public/private state, add a not safe for work warning, and set the desktop as your default desktop when you first sign into middlespot.

Background - You can choose a new color or pattern for your desktop background.

Followers and Contributors - You can can see who follows and contributes to your desktop. From here you can choose who is a contributor. You can also block users from following your desktop.

Sharing - You can share the link to your desktop on social networks and in email. You can also get embed code to add your desktop to another webpage.

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