Anyone who has access to your desktop from the URL can start following your desktop. This means they will get these benefits:

  • Notifications of updates when you add or change your desktop.
  • The desktop will be stored in their DESKTOPS menu under FOLLOWING.
  • The desktop will appear in their chrome browser extension menu for easy access.

To follow a desktop, the user will need a middlespot account.  It's how we associate them as a follower of your desktop. 

If a user want's to follow a desktop, they tap the pink heart button in the control panel.

If the desktop is private, the owner of the desktop will have to send the follower an invite to start following the desktop.

They will receive a link in their email.  That link will be associated with that email and the user will need to log into middlespot using that email address.

Once a follower is connected to your desktop, they will appear in the follower menu. Tap the Followers button on your desktop control panel.

This will reveal your follower menu and who is currently following your desktop.

You can block a follower from your desktop by clicking the BLOCK radio button next to their name. This will only work for followers of private desktops.

People viewing desktops can also see followers of that desktop. They cannot change any of a followers settings.

Followers are displayed by their google name and their google photo, not their email address.

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