Faster Start To Your Day

I have a desktop that I refer to throughout the day.  I pin it to my browser tab and have it in my bookmark bar so I can open it at anytime.

It's populated with the links to the web tools I rely on everyday, from web services I use for work (intercom, facebook, twitter, braintree, baremetrics, etc..) to stuff I use for myself personally (sports sites, radio stations I listen to, my banking site, and more...). I've clustered these links into groups depending on the task at hand I want to accomplish.  

You’ll notice on this desktop that I’ve got links to the login pages of many of the other Saas services we use to support our apps.

Since these are just thumbnails to these services, you can’t log into my account. However, if I click on them, they open in a new tab and since my browser has the cookie with my login info all ready to go, most times I’m logged in immediately. This is really just like a bookmark to my most relied upon web services.

I haven’t made any of my desktops my browser new tab page because I still like to have a very fast start up for a new tab, and waiting for the desktop to load again, even if it takes only a second, is a second I don’t want to wait.

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