Keeping My Team Together

I have a desktop dedicated to the project my team works on.  All my team members are contributors so they can add, edit and move content around the desktop as well as we work our way through the project.

This desktop has documents, spreadsheets, meeting agendas and all that good documentation clustered in one corner.  I make a few of the documents extra large so that they are legible if you zoom in on them (that way you don't actually need to open the doc to read the content on the first page). It also includes art assets, icons and user workflows that we use on our project.

The desktop also contains a number of links to various webpages we use for working on our project.  These are links to sites like getharvest for time tracking, Paper on dropbox, and some other internal resources. 

There are also links, clustered in a corner, that relate to sites and pages of code snippets and reference materials. Links to the libraries we use, material design guidelines, and code snippets for various APIs we use, both in the app, and for the tools we use to build the app.

I've also got it integrated with facebook and twitter plugins around some of the competitors to our service to see what they are announcing.  

The notebook also works as a great way to leave notes to one another and have a shared, high level to-do task list that we all contribute.

We also use slack, so I keep a link to the desktop pinned in our slack channels so anyone can quickly reference the desktop as a shared workspace.

It really is the shared corkboard of our virtual office.

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