Inviting Someone To A Private Desktop

Many people want to keep their desktops private, but also have select people able to follow and even contribute to that desktop. 

Tap the invite button in the bottom left corner of your current desktop or the invite button in the followers menu.

Enter the invitee's email address and a personal message describing your desktop and why you want them to follow it or view it.

If the email is already an account on middlespot, it will allow you to send the invite. If the email address is not recognized in middlespot, then you will need to add a challenge question that only you and the invitee will know. This is to ensure that if your invite is intercepted, the bad actor can't access your desktop without the secret challenge answer that only you know.

What will the invitee need:

  • An account on middlespot. Unlike public desktops, private desktops need to validate the person viewing it. If they don't already have an account on middlespot, we'll take them through the process to sign up using their google account credentials. (this is the account they use to access gmail, google drive, and any of the services they use with google - it's free).
  • An email account to receive the invite.

They do not need to create their own desktops and only need to allow middlespot permission to see their email address and name on Google. No other additional permissions will be required.

What you will need to invite someone:

  • The email address of the person you want to invite. It can be any email.

The Email Invite

Your Invitee will receive an email that describes your desktop and is signed by you.  It will give them a link to open that will direct them to middlespot.

Three possible scenarios will occur:

  • The user isn't logged in and not an existing user, so they will need to create an account in middlespot first, then answer the secret challenge question.
  • The user isn't logged in but is an existing account. They associate their middlespot account with the email that you used to invite them to your desktop.
  • The user is already logged into middlespot and they automatically start following the desktop.

Pending and Approved Invites

You can see pending invites in your Followers Menu, under the Pending tab.

If the invitee hasn't accepted your invite, they will display as pending. They will stay valid for 10 days from sending the email and expire after that.

If the user is already a known account, when they accept the invite, they will automatically become a follower. You will receive an email that they accepted your invite and that they are in the followers tab.

If the user is unknown and signed in with a different email address than the one you sent their invite to, they will require your approval. This is to ensure that this is actually the person you want to invite to this desktop before giving them access. You will receive an email letting you know you have some people waiting for approval to view your private desktop.

You can approve the person from the followers menu under the Pending tab.

Once you approve the user, they will receive a new email confirming they are now following your desktop. 

They can find your desktop from the URL of the desktop or in their desktops menu under the following tab.

Making a follower a contributor

To make the follower a contributor, find their name in the followers menu under the followers tab and tap the contributor radio button. This will move them to the contributor tab, and they can edit and manage your desktop.

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