Google Permissions

Middlespot is deeply integrated with the features and benefits of Google Services.  Our reasons for using Google's various services to your benefit are focused around the following:

Security - to make sure your content is as secure as possible.

Convenience - giving you as many possible access points to your content as possible.

Reliability - to make sure you can always get at your content no matter where you are and what you are using.

We only want to request access on your behalf to your Google services when we need them, not all at once.  Because of this, as you start to use various features on middlespot, we will ask you to grant us permission to different Google services. 

The order of permission requests to Google Services are as follows:

Level 1: Signing up

We use google single sign on to create your account on middlespot. This means that you must have an account on google (gmail, google plus, even your corporate or school account can be a google account).  If you don't have a google account, no problem, they are  easy to make and are free.  

We do this so that you can use the email and password you most likely use everyday for accessing your google docs, google drive, gmail, and more from Google. It also means we don't have to worry about passwords and recovering passwords as you do all that from Google.  In fact, we never even see your password ever (which also means its impossible for us to even see what you have on your desktop).

Level of Access: Basic Account Info

Middlespot has access to basic data from your account, like your name, email, gender, or country. You might also see that middlespot can "Sign you in using your Google Account." That means that you can sign in to middlespot with your Google username and password as long as you’re signed in to Google, saving you the hassle of remembering new passwords or creating a new account.

With this level of permission, you can create, manage and share multiple public and private desktops on middlespot. You can also add weblinks, bookmarks (if you have installed the middlespot chrome extension), plugins, stickers, and text. You can also use the notebook.  You will need to give us additional permissions if you want to add files, docs, images, videos and create new docs, spreadsheets, or presentations.  

Level 2: Google Drive File Access

We use your Google Drive Account to store your images, docs, files, videos, and audio files. We do this because your Google Drive is highly secure and very fast. It means we don't have to store your files on our servers, meaning we can keep offering middlespot at a very low cost. It also means we are less susceptible to hacking since none of your files are on our servers. A hacker would need to hack Google to get your content.

You will be asked to provide this permission when you add a file to your desktop from the add tools or dragging and dropping a file onto your desktop.

You will only need to grant this permission once. 

Level of Access: View and manage Google Drive files and folders that you have opened or created with this app

View and manage Google Drive files and folders that you have opened or created with middlespot. When you create a desktop, you will see a new folder in your Google Drive Account called MIDDLESPOT. Inside that folder will be a folder for each desktop. There you will find everything on your middlespot desktop saved in that folder.  With this permission, middlespot will only have access to the files and folders in this MIDDLESPOT folder. We won't have access to any files and folders outside of this folder.

When you add a file to your desktop from a Google Drive folder, it will be copied into the middlespot folder on your Google Drive. You will not be using the original file.

Level 3: Google Drive Access

We require full access to your Google Drive Folder when you use the following two features on middlespot: Creating a desktop from an existing Google Drive Folder, and, Syncing files that were added to your Google Drive Folder with your middlespot desktop.  

This allows us to see all folders and files in your Google Drive. We need this to build your middlespot desktop from an existing Drive folder. This also means that we are displaying and giving you access to the original version of that folder's contents on your middlespot desktop.  As well, it means that you can drop files into that Google folder, then tap SYNC on your middlespot desktop, and get all the latest files added to your desktop.

You will only need to grant this permission once.

Level of Access: View and manage the files in your Google Drive

Upload, download, update, and delete files in your Google Drive. Create, access, update, and delete native Google documents in your Google Drive. Manage files and documents in your Google Drive (e.g., search, organize, and modify permissions and other metadata, such as title)

Removing Permissions

You can remove any of these permissions from middlespot right from your Google Account. Go to in your google account and you can remove any or all permissions you've granted to middlespot.

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